Research Lyme disease

Lyme disease is an illness with very serious consequences and various syndromes.

Below a mail from Marcia who has been suffering for 13 years because of Lyme disease and who is now using Kenwell Curcumin since the last two months.


I was just thinking about sending you a mail.... telepathy?

I am doing really well! Even with all that rain in the last few weeks!!!

Normally I can feel the rain coming beforehand through the pains in my fingers and toes and the calcified joint of my finger is very sensitive.

But not anymore!!!! I can still sleep much better at night and my energy level is also much higher!

It is very busy here (individual support, workshops, the preparation of these + also the housekeeping in between,...) but miraculously this does not bother me anymore, in contrast to when I was not using Kenwell Curcumin.

At night I am really exhausted but this is just a normal tiredness after a busy day at work. A tiredness from which I recover now. 

Before one busy work day would mean that I would feel pain in all my muscles and joints, I would be in bed the next day and I would need days to recover.

So: only positive news!!!

My bottle is almost empty. I would like to order some new ones through your site... but do all these bottles contain the same content (+ the same process) as the first bottle (that what I am still taking now)? (Yes Marcia)

Kind regards and again: I am ever so grateful to you!!!

Marcia V.