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  • Kenwell Nature curcumin
  • Kenwell Nature curcumin
Kenwell Nature curcumin
  • Kenwell Nature curcumin
  • Kenwell Nature curcumin
  • Kenwell Nature curcumin

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250 ml Kenwell Curcumin, contain 2,5 gr pure(95%) curcumin. Handy pouring spout.

- drinkable and medicinal
- highly concentrated
- easy to dose

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€ 39,24 € 39,24 Incl. 9% tax

Kenwell Nature curcumin

The human body consists of billions of cells. Through outside influences these cells can degenerate (damaged). Regeneration (repair) of our body cells is a process that happens continuously through the regenerative capacity that each of us has from our origin. Our body initially gets its regeneration quality from our daily food. Therefore, healthy food is important for a positive built-up of our body.

However, if you get ill the degeneration of cells in certain places in our body have taken over and you get out of balance, so to day.

However, nature offer us regenerative sources in the shape of plants, herbs, roots, minerals, etc., that can help us to regain our balance and therefore our health. This way we can stimulate our regeneration process again so the cells can recover again.

After second World War the pharmaceutical industry managed to copy the natural healing substances and to replace these with a chemical variation.

However, many chemicals in today’s medicines are no longer aimed on the process of regeneration but on fighting symptoms. These medicines even often disturb the regenerative capacities of our body. The force of nature was belittled and goes back to the use of an extract, like a “tea” that possible still can be used with small pains and aches, such as a cold or infection. However, one explicitly conceals that each pharmaceutical medicine has its origin from nature and are only chemically copied in order to produce large quantities. There are numerous plants that have been copied many times and therefore their application can be found in a wide variety of pharmaceutical medicines. 

One of the most powerful natural regenerative substances is Curcumin.

Curcumin can be found in the centre of the Turmeric root (also called yellow root).

Turmeric is a complete natural product that is used by millions of people on earth in their daily food (turmeric is part of curry that predominantly owed its yellow colour to Turmeric).

However, Turmeric and Curcumin are fatty substances that cannot easily be dissolved in water. Therefore, they are difficult to absorb by the body. After all substances that can be dissolved in water are separated till molecular level so they can be easily absorbed by the intestinal villi of the small intestine.

Black pepper and ginger are very often used in, for example, the Indian kitchen and support the absorption of turmeric and also curcumin in the body. Due to daily use in their kitchen whereby Turmeric is used in combination with black pepper and/or ginger these people experience, actually undetected, the positive influence of these root.

Also producers of many curcumin capsules mix the curcumin with black pepper to guarantee a better absorption.

Other methods to support this process are encapsulating the fatty curcumin in little balls, also called micelles, what also results in a better absorption whereby higher concentrations of curcumin can be measured in the blood.

However, not only the concentration in the blood is import but the absorption in our cell is of essential importance.

Kenwell Curcumin has a direct answer for this. Kenwell Curcumin is created by following a natural path whereby the substance curcumin undergoes a natural treatment in pure mineral water that has been brought to an exceptional energetic quality in a natural way.

The mineral water that is pumped from a depth of over 40 metres from the wells of Cramer GmbH in the Sauerland (Germany) in brought to this energetic condition through a natural process (developed through many years of expertise). So this water is not only more energetic but is also able to absorb a significant higher amount of oxygen and retains this so the revitalising character of this water is significantly enhanced.

The natural treated water has an exceptional potential to deeply penetrate our cells where they perform a healing and regenerative effect. Over the years we could witness how the intake of this energetic water had a healing effect on people who, for example, were contaminated with the ‘Borrelia’ bacteria which lies at the root of Lyme disease.

Through a new, natural process it became possible to dissolve Curcumin in this high energetic water. This created the Kenwell Nature Curcumin supplement with the following features:

- The water is the carrier of an exceptional high energy that revitalises the body cells.

- The oxygen-rich water deeply penetrated out cells so the regeneration of the cells is supported.

- As carrier of Curcumin this water also takes this Curcumin deeply into the cells where they will give optimal support to this cell regeneration.


The powerful effect of Curcumin with regeneration of body cells

Nerve regeneration:

Our medical science thought for a long time that brain cells could not be divided and that damaged nerves could not recover.

Now we know that both brain cells as nerve cell undergo this mitosis. This process continues even at a later age.

The process of, for example, neurogenesis (mitosis of the nerves) can be influenced positively through physical efforts.

Nutrients also stimulate nerve regeneration. Here it also appears that one can realise exceptional positive results with Curcumin such as with disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and even depressions.

Liver regeneration

Curcumin appears to be one of the most powerful supportive substances for the regeneration of liver cells.

 Regeneration of the beta cells.

 Beta cells are located at the end of the Pancreas and are responsible for the production of the ‘insulin’ hormone. With degeneration of these cell no or insufficient insulin is produced. As muscle cells or other cells cannot absorb glucose (fuel) due to the lack of insulin the glucose remains in the blood and it permanently damages the nerve endings and small blood vessels. This is called diabetes.

Curcumin provides a very powerful support with the regeneration of these beta cells and therefore in the treatment of diabetes.

Other proven facts about Curcumin

    1. Turmeric contains bio-active substances with powerful healing features. Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising features. Most studies use standardised turmeric extracts that contain large quantities of Curcumin.
    2. Curcumin has a natural anti-inflammatory composition. With chronical inflammations it is known that they contribute to many common westerly diseases. Curcumin can slow down the growth of these molecules that play an important role with inflammations.
    3. Turmeric drastically increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. Curcumin has powerful anti-oxidant effects. It neutralises the free radicals and stimulates the original body antioxidant enzymes. This improves the prevention of inflammations.
    4. Curcumin increases the brains-derived Neurotrophic Factor. This is connected with improved brain function and a lower risk of brain diseases. Curcumin increase the level of the brain hormone BDNF, so the growth of new neurons increases and various degenerative processed in the brans can be contested.
    5. Curcumin leads to various improvements in our physical condition that should lead to a lower risk of heart and vascular diseases. Curcumin has positive effect on various factors from which one knows that they play a part with heart and vascular disease. It improved the function of the endothelial and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant.
    6. Curcumin can help prevent cancer and can even be used to treat cancer. Curcumin leads to various changes at molecular level. These changes can help prevent cancer and even help to cure cancer.
    7. Curcumin has proved itself to be useful with the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. Curcumin can break through the blood and brand barrier which results to various improvements in the pathological process with Alzheimer’s.
    8. Arthritis patients respond well to Curcumin supplements. Arthritis is a common illness featured by a joint inflammation. Many studies show that Curcumin can help with the treatment of symptoms of arthritis and in many cases Curcumin is more effective than anti-inflammatory medication.
    9. Studies show that Curcumin provides unbelievable positive results against depression.  A study of 60 depressed patients shows that Curcumin is just as effective as Prozac in easing the symptoms of depression, without any side effect.
    10. Curcumin slows down the aging process and fight age-related chronical diseases.

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250 ml Kenwell Curcumin, contain 2,5 gr pure(95%) curcumin. Handy pouring spout.

- drinkable and medicinal
- highly concentrated
- easy to dose

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