Promotion will be rewarded!

Products of Kenwell Nature B.V. are only sold through the Internet, worldwide. To contribute to the promotion of Kenwell Curcumin there are two reward programs available one for individuals and one for related businesses such as health food stores, health and similar websites. Individuals can promote our site by a client code.

The client code is generated when the confirmation e-mail of the registration is confirmed. This identifier can then be passed on to friends and / or acquaintances. After creating an account there on the account a link to share via email and / or social media. All (paid) products ordered, excluding shipping and payment charges, resulting from this new relationship, the customer builds applicators 10% on store credit. This store credit can be fully deducted in the next order at the purchase price. If the store credit is larger than the order remains the remainder until the next order and the order will be delivered for free. in each case if the store credit is higher than the products ordered by the private individual may request a cash payment of the store credit at Kenwell Nature B.V.

The value of the cash payment is 50% of the accumulated store credit. There can also be made a request for partial payment. To assist the customer in the "Kenwell Curcumin for all" the store credit can (partially) be donated to this program. </p>

<p>Companies that want to promote Kenwell Curcumin may request information by our contact form on this.