Advantage of Kenwell Curcumin dissolved in pure mineral water

In normal circumstances solid substances enter our body through our digestive system. Our body uses various mechanisms for this. Enzymes separate the food chains till single structures remain that form an aqueous solution.

An aqueous solution means that the dissolved substance is broken down up to the molecule. These molecules then float through the water molecules. An aqueous solution can be recognised by the transparent character of the solution. Although the solution can have a certain colour, it will still remain fully transparent.

Substances that cannot be dissolved in water are hard to absorb in our blood. Fats are one of them. However, the body has developed a complicated mechanism to also absorb fats. But this process requires much more from our metabolism whereby we often have the feeling that “fats” are difficult to digest.

Curcumin is a substance that in normal circumstances does not dissolve in water with the result that Curcumin is difficult to absorb by our blood. Some producers have found a solution for this by simulating the digestive system of our body (or better the substances that are produced in this process).  Micelles and oils are sometimes used as carrier.

Another method is to mix Turmeric or Curcumin with Piperine, originating from black pepper and/or ginger. Although the curcumin is better absorbed by the blood because of this, this absorption still remains limited to a low percentage (a few percent) of the total intake.

However, substances that can be dissolved in water will be easier absorbed in our blood than fats, it is a more natural and less straining process for the body.

Through a natural method we have succeeded to dissolve Curcumin in high quality energetic water. Therefore, we can guarantee full absorption of the dissolved Curcumin in the blood. Plus, this water has the capacity to deeply penetrate into the cell in order to guarantee a quick effect of the Curcumin.