Completely in water dissolved curcumin

(and therefore naturally absorbed by the body)

Years of experience have shown that curcumin, the active substance of the Turmeric root (yellow root) has a very positive effect on the human body. The absorption of curcumin powder is however very low, black pepper as supplement slightly increases the absorption. By dissolving curcumin in pure, energetic mineral water, the absorption has increased extremely.  

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Kenwell Nature B.V. would like to introduce to you dissolved curcumin in mineral water. Order and share your experiences on our website.

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KenwelKenwell Nature B.V. produces and distributes food supplements based on pure energetic mineral water and natural products. The objective of Kenwell Nature B.V. is to advice on a healthier life. Therefore, we use scientific researches that have already been published and from own researches with our users. 

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